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4 Real Estate Emails that Convert Like Crazy [+Templates!]

In 2021

  • 122.3 billion spam emails are sent each day. 
  • Nearly 85% of all emails sent are spam. 
  • 36% of them are advertisements. 

Considering this, how do the emails that you send out to your leads look? 

Are you sending out content that provides value and sparks meaningful conversation with your sphere? Or, are your CRM contacts scrolling past them and clicking ‘delete’ without a second thought? 

The key to successful email campaigns is to share relevant content in an attractive format. 


These email templates are perfect for catching your audience’s attention and prompting them to actually click your links and follow your call-to-action. 

#1. Introducing Yourself and Your Brand


When leads provide you with their contact information and have “signed up” for correspondences with you, the first email should lightly introduce you and your brand. 


Aim for a concise and organized introduction. Think of this like an e-handshake or digital elevator pitch. 


The best tone for a Welcome Email is: 


  • Casual
  • Helpful
  • Respectful
  • Friendly
  • Knowledgeable 





Sample Introduction Email: 


Hi [Name],


Thank you for signing up for my email list! This is the best way to receive the latest information regarding listings in your area. We’re constantly working with new listings, so you’ll be the first to know about fresh opportunities hitting the market. 


Over the past [X] years, I have helped buyers find their new homes and worked with sellers as they’re taking the next steps. 


As a local myself, I fully understand the unique challenges that buyers and sellers may face in this market — and have cultivated winning strategies to overcome them. 


Here are a few resources to help answer any questions you may have about buying/selling. 


  • # Essential Tips for Buyers in [Year]
  • How to Prepare Your Home Buying Budget
  • # Tips for Choosing the Right Mortgage 


Have a lovely day, 


[Your Name]

[Your Phone Number]







#2. The “I’m Here to Help” Reminder


After you’ve introduced yourself through the Welcome Email, follow up within one week with another email to initiate preliminary steps that build toward a successful conversion.


Use this email to stay relevant with your client base and prompt leads to start a conversation about their transaction with you. 


You want readers to walk away knowing that you are: 


  • Available 
  • Strategic
  • Dedicated
  • Understanding 
  • Creative




Sample “I’m Here to Help” Email: 


Hi [Name],


How has your home search been going so far? I hope that you have had time to review the new listings that I’ve sent to you that match the preferences I have on file. 


As you continue your search, I’m here to help you — whether it’s by providing advice, discussing financing options, or determining what you are looking for in a listing. 


You can always reach me at (###) ###-####, via email at, or come by my office! 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 


[Your Name]

[Your Phone Number]





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#3. Sharing Client Success Stories 


When you close on a deal that resembles the needs of your leads, share the information with them. Sending emails with client success stories can get your leads excited about working with you and show them the perks of choosing you as an agent. 


By sending this email, you want leads to understand that: 


Client wins are measures of your success. 

You’re interested in their wellbeing, not just the commission split. 





Sample “Client Success Story” Email: 


Hi [Name],


I hope you’re well! I thought of you because I just finalized a transaction that resembled your real estate needs and goals. 

[Insert client testimonial here]


You can click here to read more about the experience that my client had, including the challenges they faced and strategies we used to overcome and ultimately succeed. 


I hope this story empowers you and gets you excited to pursue your real estate deal. If you’d like to speak more about your specific situation or any updates to your needs as a buyer/seller, I’m ready to talk at any time. 




[Your Name]

[Your Phone Number]





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Pro Tip: Make sure that you’re sending buyer’s stories to buyer leads, and seller stories to seller leads. 

#4. Delivering Creative Content 


Sharing valuable information is a click-bait way to engage leads. This is your chance to show that you’re an expert at the local real estate market, and push leads to your website to access more content! 





10 Ideas for Content to Share with Leads: 


  • Local Market Updates
  • Small Business Shoutouts 
  • Average Days on Market Breakdown 
  • Seller Market Versus Buyer Market Explanation 
  • Guide for Buying/Selling a Home in the Current Market
  • Local Events Calendar
  • Guide for Seller Renovations
  • New Development Updates
  • Fixer-Upper Average Costs 
  • Turning Your Home into the Ultimate Investment 


If you’re working with an email drip campaign, you can save time by planning in advance and access customizable templates. 


Try out these four templates for next-level success!