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Building a "Rinse-Repeat" Real Estate Business

Real estate is all about being in the moment — being in the right place at the right time. 


As you’re focused on landing that next big win, your business can easily become fragmented. However, the best real estate businesses are able to establish an organized strategy for generating, engaging, and converting leads. 


This is achieved by repeating productive actions that push a business forward, ensuring success in both the “right now” moment and the long-term future. 


Ultimately, this sets an organization up for a continual stream of business. Optimizing your sales funnel through proper lead generation, engagement, and follow up:


  • Builds brand recognition and a loyal customer base
  • Improves the experience your clients have from first impression to closing
  • Opens the door to opportunities for repeat business
  • Invites referrals from past clients 


If you’re interested in accessing these benefits, the first step is to create a seamless operations protocol for communicating with — and converting — your leads. 


Here are strategies for building consistency and establishing a “rinse and repeat” model for sustainable success. 

#1. Understand the Lead Funnel (and Work It Appropriately)


How well are you working with your lead funnel? If you’re only investing attention and outreach into the leads in your database that are conversion-ready, you’re missing out on the chance to warm up colder leads. 


One of the best ways to keep your sales funnel running smoothly is to have a strategy in place to nurture the leads that are further out from buying. 


Even if a lead is not ready for business, you can become a pillar of support by sharing valuable information and relevant real estate advice. By doing so, you’ll be building trust and staying top-of-mind — so that when the lead is ready to buy, they will choose you instead of a competitor. 


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Pro Tip: Stay in touch with your leads by adding them to your email marketing campaign. If you tag your leads based on how far along they are on the conversion timeline, you’ll be able to send targeted outreach emails for buyers in their position. 


Real estate teams who tag all of their cold and lukewarm leads will be able to curate bulk emails to engage buyers until they’re hot. 





8 Types of Content to Send Cold and Lukewarm Leads: 


  • Market reports
  • Home buying guides
  • Mortgage preparation packets
  • Glossary of real estate terms
  • Tips to prepare for a stress-free move
  • Strategies for navigating a buyer or seller market 
  • Things to do in your community
  • Small business shoutouts





#2. Leverage Automated Marketing


To save time, automate your email marketing outreach. Working with automated email campaigns allows agents to work closely with their current clients while still warming up their colder leads. 


This builds a cycle of momentum that can prevent “dry seasons” in your business — as deals close, other leads convert into business. 


Power Automated Marketing with SmartDrip and eAlerts from BoomTown!


BoomTown’s SmartDrip reimagines traditional email marketing campaigns by:


  • Creating more personable messages
  • Optimizing email open rates
  • Eliminating awkward experiences
  • Grading effectiveness of the campaign 
  • Creating a “cheat sheet” for success based on your community of leads


SmartDrip is efficient, allowing agents to engage their leads even if they’re on vacation! 




BoomTown’s eAlerts introduce added value to your buyer leads by sharing instant updates anytime pertinent changes are made to listing data based on their customized search criteria. 


Your leads will receive emails on your behalf, alerting them to the most current listing updates relevant to their home search. This gives your clients a competitive advantage over other buyers in the market!

#3. Train Your Team to Seamlessly Repeat the Process 

One of the biggest challenges to developing a true “rinse and repeat” real estate business can be adopting the new processes and technologies required to keep the flow going. 


Adopting new technologies and committing time to their use is the only way to activate the full potential of the tools you’re investing in. 


As you’re building the model that will result in noteworthy wins, make sure that you’re training your team members and spending time working with the assistance teams from your new tools. 


The more your team masters the technology, the more seamlessly it can be integrated into your real estate workflow to generate the best results. 


Pro Tip: When it comes to engaging with leads and reaching out to your database contacts, consistency is the key to success. 


BoomTown is top-rated for ease of use, but it’s still important to put in the time, log on, and let the system work for you. 


Agents and teams need to commit the time and effort required to warm up new leads until they’re ready to convert, as well as stay in contact with past clients to gain repeat business and referrals. 


Use these tips to build your “rinse and repeat” real estate business. Remember, luck favors the prepared!