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How to "Amazon-ify" Your Real Estate Business Without Losing Personal Touch

Real estate consumer demands and expectations are more intense than ever. However, that doesn’t mean that agents can’t keep up. 


Even as consumer standards rise higher and higher, top producers are meeting and exceeding them. 


The key to delivering above-and-beyond service is by delivering the expectations of speed, mobility, and quality. Consumers want both a personalized hands-on connection and a convenient one-stop-shop experience. 


Today’s real estate clients demand: 

  • Seamless technologies to streamline their experience
  • Personalized, custom, one-on-one attention from their agent 

Why Consumers LOVE the “Amazon” Model 


When looking for a service provider that exemplifies client satisfaction, think Amazon. 


Shoppers know they will get:


  • The smoothest and easiest experience facilitated by technologies 
  • Customized recommendations based on their preferences
  • Superfast service 
  • 24/7 access to support teams powered by both tech and real people 


By giving consumers the best personalized “human” experience powered by premier technologies, common pain points are addressed.


  • There’s no lag that’s common for fully-human systems.
  • Clients feel seen, heard, and taken care of by a real person, not overlooked by cold technology. 


How are you optimizing your business to combine a digitized end-to-end experience and white-glove service? 


Taking inspiration from Amazon, that’s mastered combining the best of both models, agents can transform their businesses to maximize client satisfaction while getting rid of flawed operational processes. 


Here are a few ways that you can “Amazonify” your real estate business — so it’s easy for you to manage and successfully “wow” your clients every time. 

With BoomTown, You Can Do It All 


Enter BoomTown. Your one-stop-shop for achieving the “Amazon” caliber of success you’re looking for. 


BoomTown is a real estate software that acts like a team member. 


Success Assurance Lead Concierge Service elevates your prospect follow-up and engagement to a new level, helping you save time and stay in touch with your entire lead funnel. 


Success Assurance responds to leads 24/7 in as little as 90 seconds, meaning you’ll be warming prospects in your sleep. Success Assurance stays in contact with leads to nurture toward conversion for up to one year before passing them off to agents — giving you transaction-ready leads.




Say goodbye to being glued to your desk. You get your time back, meaning you can focus on active buyers and sellers. 


Are You Missing Out on Your Millions? 

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#ProTip: 86% of consumers prefer communicating with humans over chatbots. [Forbes]

BoomTown’s Lead Concierge Service is powered by real people, no bots. Your leads are getting the attention they deserve, helping accelerate conversions. 


BoomTown Allows Agents to Leverage Data to Anticipate Client Needs


Keeping up with the changing needs and wants of your clients lets you pivot to constantly maximize your value as an agent. 


BoomTown’s Predictive CRM tracks lead activity, giving you predictive insights on engagement strategies that are most likely to start a meaningful conversation. 


  • This tells agents what the best angle is for reaching out with specific prospects, boosting your likelihood of converting a lead. 


By seeing real-time insights in the CRM and using predictive analysis tools, agents can anticipate the needs of their clients before they arise. 


Want to See What It’s Like Using a Predictive Real Estate CRM? 

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#ProTip: Besides helping you maximize your lead funnel, your Predictive CRM will help you get to know your leads. 


The more data you have collected on a lead prior to conversion, the better you’ll be able to address their specific needs when they’re an active client. 


For example, a buyer lead might have been stressing about their budget before their transaction. The Predictive CRM would take note that they engaged primarily with outreach containing content and tips on mortgages, credit scores, and affordability. 


When that buyer converts, you’d already have an idea of their concerns — even if they didn’t tell you directly. This would allow you to curate a custom experience based on their needs from lead engagement to closing. 



Automated Outreach Get’s Personalized


Today’s clients want to feel like they’re getting personalized communications, even while they’re still in the lead funnel. 


With BoomTown, you can automate your outreach — so you can follow up in your sleep — while still delivering personalized content. 


BoomTown provides you with all of the tools you need to succeed in maximizing ROI and conversions. 


Agents are able to work with their CRM to: 


  • Create targeted lists for bulk outreach based on location, price point, or transaction readiness. 
  • Nurture leads with customizable action plans including emails, texts, and follow-up to-do lists. 
  • Identify your top priorities by tracking user activity and behavior so you know who’s most likely to convert. 


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