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Out-of-the-Box Event Ideas for Generating Real Estate Business

Want to grow your sphere and make meaningful connections? Inviting your clients, leads, and community neighbors to a special event is a fantastic way to generate more real estate business. 


If you really want to attract attendees and get them talking to their friends about your best-ever-client-meet-up, go beyond the typical open houses and holiday parties. Instead, consider these five out-of-the-box ideas. 

#1. Rent Out a Movie Theater for a Family Night


If you want to network with families or couples with kids, there’s no better way than by hosting a family movie night at a local theater. 


When a family-friendly movie is running, rent out a theater and invite your local clients. Having everyone RSVP in advance to confirm their tickets will help you manage the number of people invited. 


Consider giving out a free drink and snack token, or offering to buy small popcorn and soda for all of the kids. 


Pro Tip: Bring a couple of wearable props, like funny glasses or silly headbands, and set up a mini “photo-op” for attendees as they’re walking into the theatre. 


Stand by the door and snap a quick picture to email to everyone. This may get you a few additional contacts to add to your CRM, as well as give you content for social media if you have permission to post the image. 



#2. Host a Viewing Party at a Local Bar 


When you’re planning a get-together with your network of leads and clients, consider hosting a viewing party at a bar in your area that locals love. 


It’s a great idea to plan the occasion around an important neighborhood event or something big like the Super Bowl. 


To generate more contacts for your CRM, offer free tickets in exchange for the attendee’s email. It doesn’t hurt to incentivize the event by giving out a free drink ticket, or offering to buy the first round at the bar. 


You can use this as a way to introduce prospective buyers to the social scene in your market while catching up with past clients. 


Pro Tip: While you’re planning the meetup, bring swag that everyone can take home with them to commemorate the event. 


Avoid “junk” and give out useful items that won’t get thrown away. Aim to surprise, delight, and impress your guests with items like: 


  • Reusable water bottles
  • Tote bags
  • Decorated notebooks
  • A cool beer glass! 

#3. Offer to Throw a House-Warming (or Bar-Stocking) Party for a VIP Client


When you close an epic deal with a VIP client, show them that you care by offering to throw them a house-warming party to celebrate their success. 


Whether you want to plan a full-scale party with drinks, snacks, and decorations — or just offer to stock their entire bar for a night of drinks with their friends — you’ll be putting a cherry on top of an awesome service experience. 

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Pro Tip: Attending the party yourself is a wonderful way to meet new clients and network! 

#4. Hire a Fitness Teacher for a Meet-Up in the Park 


Give your sphere a chance to get out and get active by hosting an exercise class led by a local instructor. 


When choosing what physical activity to center your meet-up around, consider who your audience is. Are you inviting mostly young homebuyers, growing families, or elderly leads who want to downsize? 


Whether you choose yoga, pilates, Zumba, or tai chi, focus on the fun of it. You want everyone to move, but you don’t want to push anyone past their comfort zones. 


Talk to the instructor you’re planning to hire and explain your goals for the event ahead of time so they can provide the best experience for everyone who attends. 


Pro Tip: When it’s time to send out the invitations, make sure to remind attendees to bring any necessary equipment and explain the best dress code for the class. 


It’s a good idea to plan ahead and bring some extra equipment in case anyone forgets or a few extra people show up. 


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#5. Cater an All-Ages Picnic


When the weather’s nice, a great way to get together with your sphere is to invite families to an all-ages picnic at a local park or outdoor space. 


Choose a local restaurant that specializes in group catering and choose a simple menu that accommodates multiple dietary preferences. (Don’t forget to offer vegan and gluten-free options so no one feels excluded!) 


Bring props for games and activities that everyone will enjoy. Think frisbees, footballs, and soccer balls. 


Pro Tip: For an added touch of age-appropriate fun, consider bringing in a local business to provide treats or desserts. 


  • Options for kids — frozen lemonade, cupcakes, cotton candy, soft-serve, or snow cones.
  • Options for adults — boozy lemonades, sangrias, beers, and champagne.  


Have fun with your clients!