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Tips for Growing the Listing Side of Your Real Estate Business

Building the listing side of your business will help you become a more balanced agent that can thrive in any market — whether it’s favoring buyers or sellers. 


Here are essential tips that can help agents expand their listing services to grow in their markets. 


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How To Get Started


When you want to begin expanding your listing services, your online presence is a great way to start. 


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Building new landing pages marketing your listing services on your website will help you create a resume for your seller leads. 


Giving sellers strong content to engage with will present you as a reputable listing agent with insight, experience, and market knowledge. 


Website Landing Page Ideas to Attract Sellers:


  • Home Renovations to Increase ROI
  • Seller Tips for (Year)
  • Local Market Reports
  • Seller Testimonials
  • Essential Home Selling Guide
  • Glossary of Home Sale Terms 
  • Things to Expect When Selling Your First Home
  • How to Prepare a Home for Listing 




Another option for kickstarting your listing services is to organize your CRM based on client needs. 


Tagging your clients and leads as sellers and buyers allows you to leverage bulk actions when following up with your network. This gives agents the chance to begin sending out targeted engagement to seller leads in their CRM. 


#ProTip: Don’t forget to reach out to buyers that you worked with in the past in case they’re ready to re-enter the market as sellers!


Tips for Building a Solid Listing Presentation 


When growing the listing side of your business, you’ll need to master listing presentations. 


Listing presentations are where agents pitch their services to a potential seller. Successful listing presentations result in being hired by the seller, meaning you just converted a new client. 


The listing presentation is the agent’s chance to prove to the seller why they are the best decision for the job. 


Use these five tips when building your listing presentations to improve your conversion rate and stand out from competing agents. 


#1. Include a Bio and Noteworthy Stats


In most cases, the listing presentation serves as the first introduction between sellers and agents. You want to make a strong first impression, and that means including a bio and noteworthy career highlights in your listing presentation. 


Make your career bio a short “about me” introduction to set the stage for the listing presentation. It’s a good idea to include your best real estate stats, like annual production volume and sales data, to prove your statement — that you’re the best choice for the job. 


#2. Add a Detailed Marketing Plan 


Sellers want an agent that can leverage a robust marketing strategy when selling their home. Instead of just saying that you can sell the home, prove it to them by providing a detailed marketing plan. 


Explaining the steps you will take to attract buyers will build trust with the seller and give them a preview of the services they’ll have access to once they sign you on as an agent. 


#ProTip: Remember to include your social media channels here so the seller can explore your pages and follow you. 




#3. Provide Content for Your Audience 


Whether you’re giving your listing presentation in person or online via video call, your audience should have something in hand to keep their attention and provide more information. Give your audience something to follow along with. 


  • For a live presentation, consider bringing a printed worksheet with additional tips. 
  • For an online presentation, send a PDF with supplemental information in advance. 

Not only does this keep your audience engaged, but it also gives sellers something to walk away with that has your brand on it. 

#4. Include a Local Market Recap 


Show sellers your value as an agent by including a brief market recap in your listing presentation. This introduces you as a data-backed agent that can recommend informed seller strategies based on real-time market data. 


Include data like: 


  • Whether the market is favoring sellers or buyers
  • Average days on the market
  • Average listing price
  • Inventory levels
  • Buyer demand


#ProTip: Don’t forget to include a few comments on what trends are popular in your local market. For example, if buyers are paying more for recently renovated kitchens or if sellers are waiving a certain contingency to win buyers. 


#5. Bring in Client Testimonials 


The listing presentation is a great place to introduce client testimonials. This strategy shows sellers that you have a good reputation with your past clients while giving them a preview of what it’s like working with you.


#ProTip: Instead of having one portion of the presentation only about testimonials, include them throughout the presentation. Select client feedback that is relevant to what you’re talking about and use the testimonials to back up what you’re saying. 


When you’re talking about ways to generate buyer leads to sell a home quickly, it’s a good idea to include a testimonial saying how a seller was thrilled at how fast you were able to secure an offer. 

5 Easy Ways to Generate Seller Leads


  • Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing Campaigns Specifically for Sellers
  • Invest in Advertising in Local Newspapers and Magazines
  • Find Sellers at Open Houses
  • Work with BoomTown!


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